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Stepping on the Devil's Tail

"You can't get romantic on a subway line!"
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Francesca gave me my lj user name as part of a private joke.
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"It is the unfounded complaint of mankind that they are naturally weak and short-lived, and that it is chance, not merit, that rules their destiny. So far is this from the truth, that consideration will show that nothing surpasses or excels our nature, and that it is rather energy that is lacking to it than power or length of days. It is mind that is the guide and commander of life in mortal men. Where this advances to glory along the path of virtue, its powers, resources, and renown are ample without the help of fortune; for uprightness, activity, and other good qualities, fortune can neither give nor take away. Where, on the other hand, it has become the slave of low passions and has succumbed to sloth and bodily pleasures, a short submission to the fatal influence of lust suffices to fritter away strength, opportunities, and intellect, in idleness, and then the weakness of our nature receives the blame, and the doers charge circumstances with the defect that lies in themselves. Were men but as anxious in an honorable cause as they are zealous in the pursuit of matters of no concern or profit, and often even attended with danger (and ill effects), they would be as much the masters as the slaves of destiny, and would attain to such a pitch of greatness as would make them, as far as mortal men may be, undying in their glory." -- Sallust
"There was no rake~hell, no ruffian, no knaue, no villaine, no cogging raskall, but his hand was in with him." --Angel Day, The English Secretary 44 (1586)
Favorite music:

one man bands, one night stands, season tickets, opening acts that are better than the headliner, nostalgia acts, triplet quarter notes, sax solos, sexy backup singers, Classic Arts Showcase, call and answer, vamp 'til ready, "The Royal Artillery Quick March, " cello played by a beautiful woman, bar bands, big bands, Middle Eastern orchestras, covering a song in a different genre, music of the Pygmy people of Africa, the beer bottle used on Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters, striptease, fugues, con brio, sizzle cymbals, "Garb of Old Gaul," Queen, improvisation, steel drums, barrelhouse, metal, homages, rip-offs, minor keys, dub, piano rolls, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, percussion toys, ad lib and fade, countermelodies, distortion, chamber orchestras, mash ups, harmonic minors, vibraslaps, sopranos, French horns, lead guitar, repeat 3x, "Barracuda," roots artists, popularizers, blues scales, Apoptgyma Berzerk, The Soviet Army Chorus and Band in a Program of Favorites, concept albums, tribute albums, remix albums, break up albums, Juno Reactor, 1970s jazz-funk fusion, pyrotechnics, dry ice, both kinds of music: gothic and industrial, Johnny Cash, Johnny Nash, horn lines, funk basslines, vocal harmonizing, Hammond B-3 organs, Fender Rhodes keyboards, riffs, licks, fills, synths, oboes, rubato, glissandi, crescendi, fortissimo, purists, sellouts, slide guitar, New Orleans-style piano, Irish tenors, Avalon, Havana 3AM, dixieland, "Spain," Sketches of Spain, España Rhapsody, acid jazz, cadenzas, effects pedals, falsetto, Chopin, harpsichord, Romanticism, Impressionism, Modernism, New Wave, power pop, power chords, power noise, tympani, rockabilly, psychobilly, Western Swing, high hats, gongs, Le Oud, bass flute, the twelve tone scale, reverb, hard house, "I Am a Spy in the House of Love," music boxes, "Music Box," klezmer, Ivy League a capella groups, rhumba, tango, salsa, cumbia, musical preservation, the avant-garde, calypso, lovers' rock, rock, roots rock reggae, dancehall, reggaeton, syncopation, doubling on sax and flute, doublebass, drum 'n bass, double bass drums, chromaticism, EBM, flamenco guitar, flutists, flautists, halftime shows, half-time funk, ragtime, brushed snare, classical guitar, high school marching bands, barbershop quartets, Def Leppard, 3 Mustaphas 3, film soundtracks, sea shanties, belly dances, forbidden dances, dance crazes, christmas carols, 18th-century drinking songs, national anthems, electronica, ambient, songbirds, silence, strange noises, forest sounds, crickets, frogs, Microsoft Windows "Jungle" sound scheme, etc.
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